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The Officer’s Bride

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“…beautifully written from the very first page.”~ Katie L. Thompson, author Baggage

“…simple, and uncluttered, vivid and beautiful ~Tolulope Popoola, author Nothing Comes Close

“…straight forward and not convoluted.  Lara is able to take you vicariously on both protagonists journey and you find yourself feeling the heartbeat of both characters.”~Pamela Stitch, Editor Pamela

“…supercharged with emotions.” Femme Lounge

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Love in the midst of darkness?

It’s the nineties and a violent dictator rules Nigeria with an iron fist. Nafisah knows firsthand the chaos that results from this type of rule, so when she meets Eddy, an aide to the current leader, and a top member of the Nigerian intelligence service, she believes her situation just went from bad to worse. But  Eddy completely contradicts her expectations, and she finds herself falling for him, only to discover that he carries a secret that could just about topple the nation.

Currently working on…

Da-Silva Series

Short Stories/Novella