Lara Daniels ~ African Romance-Suspense Storyteller

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Love in Paradise

Described as sensually romantic, Love in Paradise is set in Lara Daniels’ fictional African Country, Zamzudan. It is the love tale of Tony Da-Silva, an enigmatic multi-millionaire with some serious trust issues and Mimi – a young Beauty dealing with tragedy in her life.

They’ve not met yet, but Tony and Mimi have been told that they are each other’s life mates… and it’s instant fireworks the first time they do meet. Then, they go their separate ways with presumably little chance to reconnect, while unbeknownst to either, two opposing forces square off: one praying to unite the pair, one seeking to destroy them. Their  reawakening faith sets an effective counterpoint to the world of real and apparent deceit that they find themselves caught in – which makes for a truly suspenseful tale.




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