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Healing Hearts

“That’s fine, but what about you Dr. Unigwe? Do you trust yourself with me, because I know for a fact that I shouldn’t trust myself with you.”

I hear the slight challenge in his words as he comes to a halt beside me. I gasp silently, wondering to myself how playfulness could suddenly give way to wariness – on my part – and all in a few seconds. Those intent eyes of his are studying me like they did earlier – actually, they’re on my lips – and my breathing turns slightly uneven.
His expression gives way to something else: a light of wonder that now rests in the depth of his eyes. “You shouldn’t come to my home, not if you and Raymond want to continue seeing each other. I get the distinct feeling- and my instincts are rarely wrong – that we shouldn’t trust ourselves when we’re around each other.”

In the back of my head, some few choice words that I should be throwing at him for his outrageous, presumptuous, and very flirtatious claim registers, but they don’t channel through to my mouth. Not when he is staring at said mouth …like….like…like that. Like he’s curious to taste it with his own mouth. My pulse quickens…and I’m barely aware that that charged whatever-it-was vibe is back between us; I barely notice the half smile that touches his lips when he comes closer. And oh, the scent of him – that unique, beguiling, male scent is doing strange things to me…

One more step, and he closes the little gap that’s between us. His hand slides up my back in a soft caress, and I know…I just know what he is going to do. Logic tells me that I am supposed to push him away -after all, he’s in so many ways a stranger to me – yet, my body takes over, and I part my lips in invitation even before his mouth descends on mine.

He takes my mouth in a manner that is unlike any other, with an assuredness that makes me forget time…place… self. My assessment of his kiss has nothing to do with the fact that my kissing experience is limited to kisses from the few guys I dated back in UI – young men still trying to find their way in the world, as I was back then. But awareness of Ola rushes through me. This guy isn’t trying to find his way…no; he has found his way. I tremble weakly as my breasts pushes up against his hard chest, and I lean against him for support, while his tongue caresses mine, making me forget everything and yearn for something…something much more.

Something much more?

I forcefully jerk away from his hold, retreating several steps away from him as I realize the bewildering direction of my thoughts. My eyes widen as I realize we’re still standing in the empty hallway… where any passer-by could easily have witnessed our little rendezvous.

I blink hard, completely divested of speech. Ola’s brown eyes contemplate me. Some few seconds pass, and a cynical smile ghosts his lips.

“Saturday ought to be very interesting,” he murmurs. From his tone, I can’t immediately tell if his derision is aimed at himself or at me.

“Dr. Unigwe,” he continues, “If you ever decide against coming, I’ll understand.” He winks at me, then turns on his heels to walk away. He doesn’t even glance back when he pushes in the door to room 1.

Alone on the hallway, I exhale – realizing just then that I’ve been holding my breath….well, most of my breath. My hand covers my still quivering lips as my mind tries to adjust to the fact that he kissed me…best kiss of my life…and it was all from a stranger. A stranger I’m not even sure I like. Somehow, I manage to put one leg in front of the other as I lumber towards the Doctor’s Lounge. If I’m such a mess over this man now, how in God’s name am I going to survive Saturday…in the confines of his home?

God help me!

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