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Healing Hearts

Grasping her hands tightly in his, he suddenly turned her to face him. “I want you in my life Uche. What do you say?”

Her pulse went into a mad clatter. The look in his eyes was her undoing. So passionately intense, that the color of his eyes seemed to turn to black soot.

“I love kissing you,” he murmured, as he inched forward to nuzzle the skin on her throat.

“Ola, please, not here,” she moaned, her body flushing and squirming under the thorough exploration of his mouth.

He didn’t seem to hear her, for he was lost somewhere in his passionate need for her. He tilted her head upward to kiss her mouth. He truly enjoyed kissing her – she could tell. Uche felt so adored, so wonderfully woman that she temporarily forgot that they were both in the open.

“I wish I could lay you on the floor and take you for myself again.” His voice was filled with guttural longing.

Uche quivered, his proposition aggravating her need for him.

“But I promised to be a gentleman,” he said, with a short dry laugh “And I think I have worked you hard enough this last couple of weeks.” He broke the kiss, and it took Uche all of her dignity to remain composed; to plead with him that he take her, as she so wanted him to do. He seemed to understand her need, even though she couldn’t fully articulate it herself, for he wrapped her up in his arms again, calming her down with soothing words against her sensitive earlobe.

“I think you mean to say that I have worked you hard, Olawande Thomas,” she whispered in his ears. “You’re trying hard to keep up.”

“Really? Is that a challenge?” His eyes dark.

She shrugged innocently.

He seemed to debate something internally as he pondered her. “Let’s get you home,” he said finally.  Then, he shook his head.  “Crap! It’s wrong timing,” he said, more to himself than her.

“Chicken.” She teased.

He laughed. “I am no chicken babes, and you know it. There’s that gift waiting for you at home. I won’t want you to miss it for anything in the world. But I promise you that after tonight, you and I will have that duel…both in the quiet place and the noisy place,” he added meaningfully. “And we’ll see who’s the chicken, and who’s the eater.”

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